Year One in Review

Year One in Review

by RB May IV

Well, this isn’t a story. I apologize. This is also the last post of Volume 1 – of the year – so I am writing this as a conclusion to the year, or volume. I’m writing this as I look back at the first year of putting my stories out. I wrote quite a few new things this year while I was putting stories up.

I wasn’t always the best about keeping to the schedule, but I got all the stories on the schedule out. I am planning out the next volume. I am unsure what I am going to put out in Volume 2, but I am totally excited to be putting out new material. I’m getting close to new material coming out.

Really, this was to spur me on and write new material and this has worked. I’ve been working a few stories and finished new material. I also put out quite a few stories I have never put on out for readers yet. I’ve also started working on something which really excites me. I am calling it The Imperial Writers’ Guide. I am working on writing this guide in order to allow others to get involved with the Imonoran Empire Universe. I think this is the big thing which spurred me on for the serial idea. I like world building. I mean I really love world building. I almost like it more than the writing of the stories. I want to get others involved. I want my universe to live after I am gone. I don’t know if my daughter will want to write, or even like to write, but I don’t want the Imonoran Empire Universe end, if and when I stop writing.

So, I am writing quite a bit. I am working on new stories and a new way for other people to get involved with the serial as well. So we are going to open RB’s Universe up for others to have stories. When The Imperial Writers’ Guide comes out we will be starting a contest for slots in the upcoming volume for stories. I hope you are looking forward to the upcoming volume of RB’s Universe as much as I am. You will see a new story from RB’s Universe in July. We’ll see you then.

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