Lost Falchion: Chapter 1

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Lost Falchion

by RB May IV

Chapter 1

John sat up straight in bed. His thoughts had drifted back to the day when the Falchion had been destroyed. He hated that day. Every time he remembered it, it seemed to give him problems. Every single munta re time!

He sighed. Why does it have to be so jing re hard? he thought. The jing re drop ship had finally been turned into a habitation after they had started being approached by the locals. There were two sets of locals here, neither one was very hospitable in the end. Neither one gave them any reason to want to have relations.

It was a hard planet, this new one. It was a wild planet. Maybe with more men and more ships they could’ve figured out why the Falchion had been destroyed. Maybe with more men and more ships more women would’ve died. More men would’ve died. More people would’ve died. Whether it was these new people or their own, more people would’ve died.

John looked over at Diana. She lay still asleep in the early hours of the morning. Time was not on their side. They were running out of food and water and they knew it. There was no way to relocate either, not with all the new tech they had placed around this holding… cell. They had used the ships shields to form a protection from the creatures who ran through the night. Diana had been hit by one a few months ago. She was getting sicker, weaker.

She was the only human left alive, besides himself, and he didn’t know what would happen if she were to die. He got out of bed silently and walked over to the door. It used to be an air-lock hatch, well it still was it had just been converted to a bedroom door, now. He opened it as silently as he could and walked through, closing it behind him.

He walked over to the head and got ready for the day. He had to try to find a way to collect food somehow and it was not going to be easy. He placed his hand on the mirror as he looked at himself. It had been days since he shaved. Days, weeks, months, it all blended into one here. After the captain died things started to go downhill more men and women died more people died on both sides except for these… night creatures, another race on this planet he had never seen before, no one had ever seen before. The local people called them demons, called them a heresy to their gods.

John washed his face and got ready for the day, slowly with eased practice. He walked out and picked up some bread for breakfast and decided not to eat it, but to save it for Diana. She needed it more than he did, she needed as much nourishment as she could get. He walked from the kitchen to the security system to check all the shield barriers to makes sure they were up. He didn’t want anyone breaking in today; it was hard when they did. They never broke in to kill. Well they never broke in to kill him. They always broke in to try and get at Diana, to try and kill her. She was poisoned by the demons and must be sacrificed in order to protect the world from wrath. He laughed every time and just held his gun pointed straight at their heads ready to fire.

They always walked away from the guns, they thought they were some gift to these men from the gods. Because if John and Diana weren’t gods they had to be angels here to fight the demons, but John and Diana didn’t help them much. They never would, at least Diana never would. John was trying. These demons were a pain in the rear. He was ready to destroy every single one of them with a button press but the Falchion was gone so he couldn’t.

He stole a glance across the security monitors again. There they were, standing right outside the shield barrier trying to get in. Everyday there was a couple of them trying to get in. It was some sort of coming of age for them to destroy what the demons had tainted, or taken to themselves, or whatever they believed. John didn’t have time for it. He had to get food, he had to get water. Jing re he was tired. He placed his hand on the security feed screen showing where they were standing at. He would go run these boys off before they got themselves hurt, and then he would drop the shield barrier for awhile on one side to go get food. He would make sure everything was locked and leave a note for Diana, he didn’t expect her to wake up before he got back though, and she was sleeping longer and longer on the verge of death.

He stood up picked up his gun and walked out of the make shift dwelling. It wasn’t much on the surface just a kind of a metal bubble sitting there with some poles around it for shielding, but it went deep down below. It stayed secure even when he was gone, he knew. There was no way they would get in after he locked it. When he was here, though, he didn’t bother to lock it because the shields were up and they couldn’t damage the shields. They didn’t have the kind of technology to, and any spear they threw would just bounce right off the metal. They threw rocks sometime but those just left dents and he could take care of those from the inside.

He walked out to the shield generator and dropped the desired shield and leveled his gun. They howled in their alien language, it had been translated once but right now he didn’t remember any of the words. He gave them to the count of three. They knew what it meant when he pulled back the hammer on the gun, it meant they had till the count of three.

One of them ran off.

The other decided not to. He stood there spear held in his hand waiting, glaring. John didn’t know why. He didn’t know why this man was just going to stand there and let himself be shot, but John had to do it. There was no grief in the man’s eyes as he was shot. He just fell to his knees blood pouring from the holes. The blood was surprisingly reddish, metallic, iron. He shot again. The man’s head whipped back as the bullets ripped through it. He fell backward onto his back and John turned the shield generator back on slicing off the man’s legs. He walked to the back and turned off the shield generator back there and walked out with the gun in hand ready to go hunting.

He was tired, so tired but now he had to hunt.


It had been a long hunt. John hadn’t expected it to go on so long, but then again he had gotten several large antelope type creatures. These creatures were given as sacrifices once a week to John and Diana. They had said the sacrifices would protect them against the demons. What they didn’t know was the sacrifices brought the demons in more, because they left the carcasses there and therefore left meat for these creatures of the night. John carried the antelope creatures inside and started to cut up hide and deal out meat for cooking later on.

Diana walked in slowly with a groggy look about her, “Uh, what time is it?” she asked as John kept going about his task.

“Well according to the Chrono, it’s nearly one o’clock, but you know how it is. We don’t know exactly what time it is.” Hearing his own voice he knew he was tired, she knew he was tired, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She had tried several times to make him stay in bed.

“There are things to do Diana and you need your sleep more than I do. I’m going to take care of you because we need to stay together. Both of us are going to get off this planet. No one else is going to die.” And then on days like this he had to turn and look at himself and tell himself yet again, “I thought you said no one else was going to die.” He also retorted this at himself whenever he had to shoot someone. “And yet you just killed somebody.”

He was tired of killing, tired of death. Why, why, why? was the question burning in his head. There was no reason for the Falchion to be destroyed. There wasn’t a technically advanced race on this planet. There wasn’t a technically advanced race in the system, nothing was picked up on scanners while they were up there. He couldn’t understand it. No one could understand it, no matter how hard they tried no one understood.

Diana sat down and took a piece of bread to eat.

“Do you want eggs this morning?” he asked her. She smiled, winced at the pain from the smile, and nodded, so John began cooking.

Drop ships were equipped with enough metallics and machinery to make anything out of them. They had purposely been designed to be so, just in case something like this happened. John turned on the make-shift stove put a pan on and got the eggs cooking. Well he didn’t really have pan but they had fashioned one out of the outer hull of the ship. It had been a long couple a months since they had been stranded here. It was still hard to believe they were stranded here.

John finished cooking the eggs and placed them in front of Diana but she didn’t look up. She was kind of hunched over against the table and she never looked up.

“Your eggs are ready Diana,” he said slowly, sadly, but she didn’t look up.

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